Welcome to Elliot’s Blog, a site of my own personal book reviews covering a whole slew of topics from a Christian perspective. I recently completed my 900th book review and, although I’m in the midst of working on my EdD, I continue to enjoy this hobby. Some of these books I truly enjoyed, while others I thought were pretty worthless. I think you’ll readily see the difference as you read.

Feel free to peruse the categories listed to the right, check the archives, or perform a search. If you’d like to comment on or question anything in a particular post, please do.

I try to write with the constant knowledge that my words must glorify Christ, for I openly represent Him, even here online. If you find that I’m failing in this regard, by all means, let me know.


15 Responses to Introduction

  1. Michael Howard says:

    Dear Elliott, Have you reviewed John piper’s book providence?

  2. Judy says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Do you have recommendations for Godly books?

    • thelittleman says:

      You can peruse my categories list to the left. Search for “Christian living” or perhaps “Theology” categories and you should see a collection of review that I’d probably recommend.

  3. Robert says:

    Hi Elliot,
    I simply want to thank you for the work you’ve done and shared so freely! God bless you!

  4. Hallo! stumbled upon your site while searching for a book cover! It’s so cool that you have been reviewing books with such consistency! I am really curious if you may be interested to review my books! Local authors of spiritual writing are few, and it’s hard for me to find reviewers. Just a thought. Will be fun digging around in among your 600 reviews!

    • thelittleman says:

      I’d be interested in trying one. Just so you know beforehand, I’m a strong biblicist with conservative convictions and will always comment negatively on things that I believe disagree with the Bible. So if you’re still willing 🙂

      • Jackie says:

        Hello Elliot,
        Thank you for your review of James Allen’s book.
        Much appreciated.

  5. Andy says:

    Hi Elliot! just checking how is it going with your thoughts about Today Matters? You were planning your growth plan..
    Just bought it, not received yet.
    I listened it and wanted to see those decisions in written. Brilliant review!

    • thelittleman says:

      Andy, thanks! (I”ll be moving your comment to the Today Matters page, FYI). I kept up with the program for about 18 months and really, really enjoyed it. I ended up creating my own system of six questions, which served me much better than following 12. I recorded everything in my daily OneNote journal, but for the life of me, I can’t find my records of those days! I journaled 2017-2018 digitally, and I CANNOT find those notes. Really kind of irritates me 🙂 The reason I stepped away from it was a huge life-change, when I quit my job and started a company. At that point, I got into another system called Getting Things Done. After reviewing this post, however, I think I might get back to Today Matters, as it much more emphasizes the mental and spiritual aspects of life.

  6. Elliot, for citation purposes, what is your last name?

  7. Brother K says:

    Hi, Elliot. I happened upon your blog whilst looking for information on Mitsu Yamamoto, and ended up reading a half-dozen or so of your reviews before realizing it was past my bedtime. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your writing. I’ll be back for more after some beauty sleep.

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