Book Review: “The Jesus You Can’t Ignore” by John MacArthur (2009)

John MacArthur, author of God in the Manger and One Perfect Life returns with The Jesus You Can’t Ignore,* a unique but honest portrayal of Jesus Christ, not only as God’s incarnate Son, but also as the confrontational Rabbi most people refuse to acknowledge. Spanning the Gospels to uncover the true attitudes of Christ in all of His wars of words, MacArthur reveals a Savior most Christians would never recognize: a Man who never backed down from verbal conflict, a Man Who laid open the hearts of all who dared to deceive or challenge Him, a Man far less timid and effeminate than people picture Him today. Ignore moves systematically through the major altercations of Christ’s ministry, specifically with the religious rulers of his day, though also with the multitudes and with His very own disciples. Major themes of Ignore deal specifically with Christ’s preeminence as the only way to the Father (John 14:6), as well as the Christian’s own duty to contend vigorously for the faith (Jude 3). This book is a must-read for anyone tempted to think of Christianity as the religion for the weak.

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