Book Review: “In His Image: Devotional Bible (New Living Translation)” (2010)

How refreshing it is to find a devotional Bible that flees the popular angles of the reader’s self-esteem but instead places all focus and emphasis on the Author, our Lord God! In this devotional Bible, each book of the Bible begins with an introduction of the book, a description of how God reveals Himself in the book, as well as the purpose of and some key verses from the book. Throughout In His Image, the designers have also strategically placed short insets discussing God’s names and titles, His character and His attributes. They have further supplied what they call “Response to God” articles as well as “Prayerful Reading” guides. This devotional Bible is thick with guiding supplements to knowing God more, and I would suggest it specifically for those new believers who lack a Sunday School Background. I have used the NLT for several years, specifically with individuals either with no biblical background or for whom English is a second language. The translation is crisp and clear, based off the Masoretic Text (OT) and The Greek New Testament (NT), and was most recently updated in 2007. The only additives this devotional Bible lacks are a simplified concordance and topical index, both of which could be used for biblical studies beyond those concerning the character or names of God.

[Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book]

© 2010 E.T.

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