Book Review: “Voices of the Faithful: Book 2” by Beth Moore and Kim P. Davis (2010)

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The mission-minded contributors Beth Moore and Kim P. Davis return to the devotional scene with this newest installment of Voices of the Faithful, a collection of daily devotions written by missionaries right there in the field. I am very involved in missions both in my home church and in my church on the field, and my anticipation for this new devotional did not go unsatisfied. The contributing authors of the daily devotions, all members of the International Mission Board and the Southern Baptist Convention, share with us readers their life experiences from the field. Very often their stories remind me of those hardships and blessings I once faced on my own field. Each month covers a new topic (such as prayer, God, Jesus, adversity and encouragement), and each day ends with a short prayer the reader can make to God for missionaries and himself that day. I would totally recommend this book to anyone seeking to understand more the daily lives of those who have sacrificed many comforts of familiarity to share the Good News with the world.

The biggest change I noticed in this newest edition regards the how Moore and Davis used much less specificity in describing to where the missionaries are serving. I personally preferred the country-naming of the first book, because knowing as much about an author as I can before I read his or her material makes me enjoy or appreciate what the author’s written so much more.

[Note: I received this book free of charge through the Thomas Nelson blogger review program at]

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