Book Review: “John” by R.C. Sproul (2009)

R.C. Sproul‘s John is a commentary far different than those I have read before. Compiled from the duration of Sproul’s expositional sermons out of the Gospel by the same name, John stands out as a more modern, more easily understood analysis of this great Gospel. Sproul neatly and effectively walks his reader through the Gospel, passage by passage, sharing illustrations, attempting to answer common but difficult questions, and helping the reader clearly see Jesus Christ as true Son of God, born of flesh, perfect in life, and victorious in death. Sproul has chosen to break this commentary down into specific passages, rather than moving through the book merely verse by verse, in order to present the Gospel as it was originally intended—a recollection of accounts by the apostle John revealing Jesus Christ as Lord. Sproul never shies away from the difficult passages or doctrines hidden throughout John, but he instead meets them head-on, often simplifying Greek nuances and cultural differences with clear definitions and personal illustrations. While his book derives from many original sermons, Sproul speaks candidly with his readers throughout John, making this book not only an edifying and informative commentary, but also an entertaining read. I would recommend R.C. Sproul’s John to any pastor or layman who has tired of the dry and impersonal commentaries of old and who desires something just as informative but in a fresher, more modern presentation.

[Note: I received a free .pdf copy of R.C. Sproul’s John from Ligonier Ministries]

©2011 E.T.

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