Book Review: “The Quotable Chesterton: The Wit and Wisdom of G.K. Chesterton” by Kevin Belmonte (2011)

Before having picked up a copy of this book, I knew no more of G.K. Chesterton than that he was a mystery novelist from whom the likes of Dorothy Sayers got inspiration. Perhaps I have been reading the wrong genre of books for too long, but I was not aware that Chesterton was also the great Christian apologist of his day, one who inspired other authors in genres beyond mystery. For example, C.S. Lewis himself owed a great deal to Chesterton, for it was through Chesterton’s apologetic works and novels that Lewis began doubting his own agnosticism. Such a powerful author and such a powerful man, Chesterton certainly is a man worth reading. I believe that this fact plus the fact that Chesterton was also a prolific author made me most happy to have a copy of The Quotable Chesterton on hand. Kevin Belmonte has already performed the hard work of first mining the books and letters and newspaper articles of old and then beautifully displaying the gems that stand out above the rest. He has formatted his books of nearly 850 quotes topically in alphabetical order. He has also supplied ten brief biographical or character sketches of Chesterton throughout the book, making this an enjoyably fast-paced, half-organized/half-A.D.D presentation of the wisdom of a man far smarter than those we breed today. I encourage you to pick up this book for light reading (it will become a permanent fixture on my bathroom’s bookshelf, for example) and for an opportunity to enjoy and crave for the times when great men like Chesterton effortlessly exuded wisdom and savvy remarks.

[Note: I received this book free for review from Thomas Nelson and]

© 2011 E.T.

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