Book Review: “Love Food and Live Well” by Chantel Hobbs (2010)

I love food, and since leaving the Army, the effects of that passion have begun to show. That is one reason why I selected this book (the other is that my reading it sure made my wife happy). In Love Food and Live Well, Chantel Hobbs provides her readers with more than a proper perspective on weight loss and food management. She provides in this book a proper perspective on life. I was most delighted to see that in Chapters 4 and 5, after discussing the three ideas that food is not the enemy, that no one can lose weight alone, and that proper weight loss requires surrender, Hobbs then offers her readers the clear plan of salvation. In a pleasant, conversational style, she offers her readers the only real way out of the imprisonment of selfish, non-surrendered over-indulgence. She calls it “God’s Deal,” and it is a welcome, necessary addition that most other weight-loss plans ignore.

Hobbs continues her book with chapters on food science, caloric intake, recipes and even exercise guides. This book was obviously written for women. And while I never dreamed of competing in the next Ms. America Pageant, and I never played with Barbies, I definitely did play with Barbie’s silver Corvette which fit my 12″ G.I. Joes perfectly. So I wasn’t totally lost in her illustrations, and I think this book could help any man or women wanting to get serious about weight loss.

[Note: I received this book free through the Waterbrook-Multnomah Blogging for Books program]

© 2010 E.T.

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