Book Review: “The Dopple Ganger Chronicles: The Secret of Indigo Moon” by G.P. Taylor (2010)

During my lost years as a teen, I found great comfort in graphic novels and comic books whose stories often unfolded through pictures and expressions more than mere dialogue. I found it fascinating how narration was depicted visually in bold colors through well-engineered landscapes, objects or silhouettes. The appeal of graphics such as these is the main reason why I enjoyed The Secret of Indigo Moon. The illustrations and word art within G.P. Taylor’s second book in his Dopple Ganger Chronicles series took me back to the joy of those teenage years, though the story itself was seriously lacking.

Perhaps I am picking the book apart more than necessary (I am no longer a child, after all) but I found the execution of the story a bit ludicrous. While the framework of the book was appealing—secret tunnels, thieves, liars, etc.—the characters were annoying, and the message seemed vague. Are the children reading the book supposed to emulate its lying, conniving, trouble-making heroes? Are they supposed to view all adults as selfish if not secretively malicious? And while I can understand the “mystery” of Madame Raphael (and her preparing the way for the Companion), does not its implementation seem entirely useless to story itself?

As a “Christian book,” The Secret of Indigo Moon will probably not be part of my child’s library. I do not like the protagonists, and I would not be pleased if my child acted as they do. Because I love adventure and solving problems, I imagine my son will as well. I would just rather he not be a selfish nuisance to others in the process.

[I received this book free for review from Tyndale Publishers]

©2011 E.T.

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