Book Review: “The Lightlings” by R.C. Sproul (2006)

The more of R.C. Sproul I read, the more fascinated I become not only with his theologically geared mind, but also with his ability to adapt that theology allegorically and in the simplest forms that even children can understand. The Lightlings, Sproul’s first book published with fantasy illustrator Justin Gerard, is an allegory of redemption depicted through the story of a group of tiny people called Lightlings. These people had been created by “The King without a Shadow,” but one day they collectively chose to disobey Him without thought of consequence. As a result, they were tossed into a forest of shadows and darkness with very little hope of ever regaining the light. When a mysterious light begins shining far off in the distance at the edge of the forest, however, all of that begins to change.

While Sproul’s allegories can be simply interpreted by adults who understand many doctrines of Scripture, the stories themselves remain fascinating adventures for the young ears for whom they are intended. Sproul also offers at the back of Lightlings a discussion guide for parents to talk through with their children. So whether your child has reached an age at which he can understand such deep issues as sin and redemption or not, The Lightlings is a fantastic first step in guiding them toward the necessary understanding of God, His Son, and their love for the fallen human race.

[Disclaimer: I received this book free for review from Ligonier Ministries]

©2011 E.T.

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