Book Review: “The Twelfth Imam” by Joel Rosenberg (2010)

In an age when particular sects of Islam certainly do seek to achieve the ultimate goal of world domination in the name of Allah, a book that seeks to understand the spiritual underbelly of such an event has hit the presses. I have been a fan of Joel C. Rosenberg for many years, and the fact that he saturates himself daily in the goings on of the Middle-Eastern world adds to the unintentionally prophetic plausibility of this, his most recent novel (check out his personal website sometime—the man is a genius).

Although Rosenberg himself is a born-again Christian, and all of his books angle from that direction, The Twelfth Imam does not even cover a thread of Christianity until the second half of the book. This fact alone drew me into the story, for Rosenberg displayed for me a glimpse of the Middle-Eastern world through the eyes of an Iranian Muslim. The action and intrigue of this CIA thriller held my interest until the very last page, and I cannot wait until Rosenberg releases Part Two, Damascus Countdown.

As far as thrillers go, I think The Twelfth Imam is top notch. And as I have found in all of Rosenberg’s novels, it is so refreshing to put up an action-packed novel that not only teaches us about life and faith, it does so without the filth fiction-lovers have come to expect.

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5 Responses to Book Review: “The Twelfth Imam” by Joel Rosenberg (2010)

  1. Mathias says:

    Awsome book but ending seemed incomplete. There was still alot more he had to do. Will there be a part 3?

  2. This was Part 1, so I am sure there will at least be a Part 2. And I can only hope there will be a Part 3.
    If you’re interested in the non-fiction background to this novel, check out Rosenberg’s Inside the Revolution. Utterly phenomenal.

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