Book Review: “Tribulation Force” by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye (1996)

Book Two of the Left Behind series, Tribulation Force, picks up where Left Behind left off—the world is still stuck in confusion, a leader who desires to take advantage of the chaos emerges more than ever, and the small band of believers in Illinois who truly understand the magnitude of all that is going on are branching out and spreading the Good News. This book takes more of a logistical twist, however, in how the story unfolds. Whereas in Book One, the reader got to know the characters and learned of their paths to Christ, in Book Two the reader gets to understand just how these characters will come to play major roles in the politics of the Tribulation, as several of them enter the employ of the Antichrist himself.

With the advent of serial dramas on television in the last decade (shows like Lost, 24, etc.), the idea of the ongoing, year-after-year story is now nothing new. But when I was just a teenager and I picked up this Left Behind series for myself, I was mystified, and I seriously could not wait until the next year when these authors would pump out the next installment of these fictionalized End-Times events. I have loved this series for years, and even when a favorite character got killed off and I was sad to see him go, I knew for sure that the authors did not play with their characters lightly, and I that could trust that they had the whole series worked out. Even though I know the ending (Jesus wins), I was still perpetually enthralled by the imaginations of Jenkins and LaHaye.

© 2011 E.T.

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