Book Review: “How Shall We Feed Them?” by Marty Girardier (2010)

Image result for how shall we feed them girardierThe subtitle to this book explains it better than anything: “A Practical Guide for Organizing a Food Pantry.” One couldn’t find a more practical guide anywhere, and the author clearly displays her love for the needy and her heart for serving the local church. The chapters are short, but each illustrates well the need for and spiritual purpose of a food pantry that targets the needs of the poor and needy.

Countless churches approach service within the Body with vague notions of “Oh, we sure could serve more,” or “Hey, let’s do more ministry!” all the while not really knowing which options are really the most practical for them. This book offers the step-by-step process for one of a myriad of outreach ministry ideas that any church could do, for Jesus was not mistaken when He said, “You will always have the poor with you” (Matthew 26:11).

While some readers may fear that a book dealing with a food pantry for the poor might be borderline “social gospel,” the reader must ask himself, “Hasn’t my church for a long time been teaching about and praying for living lives of love?” Well serving the poor is one avenue through which your church can accomplish this. Beyond the many passages of Scripture which talk about the poor, common sense also dictates that reaching the hearts of the poor through their bellies is better than not reaching them at all. It is the Spirit that draws and the blood that saves, after all. We have been called to share them with others.

Girardier’ book is a great how-to for organizing both a food pantry and a team to run it. If you or your church have considered starting a pantry before or are looking for more ways to serve, then by all means, check out this book.

[I received this book free for review from Winepress Publishing]

©2011 E.T.

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