Book Review: “Inside the Revolution” by Joel C. Rosenberg (2009)

“How the Followers of Jihad, Jefferson & Jesus are Battling to Dominate the Middle East and Transform the World.”

Many have said of Rosenberg‘s fiction, “It’s like reading tomorrow’s paper!” I’d like to say that reading Rosenberg’s non-fiction is like reading today’s paper, only a version that involves the essentials of understanding the Middle East and one that has been written by a knowledgeable,  experienced Christian man I know I can trust.

Inside the Revolution takes the reader on a journey through the histories and present-day mindsets of three distinct religious groups in the Middle East: the radical, fundamentalist Muslims; the peace-loving, open-minded mainstream Muslims; and the Christ-following Christian converts (former-Muslims and non-). What drove Osama Bin Laden to become the man he was and relish the things he did? What do the Muslims in your town really think of Al Qaeda and jihad? How many Christians are worshiping in Iran, and how does the government treat them? The answers to all these questions (and so many more ) are developed throughout this book, a well-researched and beautifully arranged masterpiece on the roots of what has recently brought our world into its nervous instability.

Rosenberg also delves deeply into the political and religious convictions of today’s (ca. 2008) political leaders throughout the region. After having read these intimate biographies based off years of research and personal interviews, I believe I understand so much more the intricacies of the US-Middle East relations, and am now not so much an idiot when it comes to listening to news from the region. Friend or foe, the nations that cover the hot-spot of religious, political, military, and economic intrigue ought to be important to all Americans, for what occurs across the world truly does affect each and every one of us here at home.

It is safe to say that Inside the Revolution must be essential reading for anyone interested in Rosenberg’s fiction. But I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to study religions, politics, history, or sociology. It’s like Rosenberg took a slice of the 150-layer cake that is our growing-Muslim world and dished it out for his readers to enjoy. I am smarter for having read it, and trust you will be too.

© 2011 E.T.


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