Book Review: “Arctic Drift” by Clive Cussler (2008)

Only because I mentioned it in my review of Treasure of Khan, I figured I should offer a quick review of Dirk Pitt adventure #20, Arctic Drift. The feature characters played out to my liking, namely, Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino taking the major bulk of the book head-on, with Summer and the younger Dirk Pitt left to some side stories. For this, I would still give the book a high rating. And honestly, about now I wouldn’t really mind if the hero-transition from aging Dirk Pitt to the younger and confident Dirk Pitt took place, so long as the better man is not locked in an office shuffling paperwork.

The major thrust of this story regards Global Warming, and I am pretty certain that this is the Cusslers’ first strike at the environmentalist’s favorite worst-case-scenario. I personally do not buy into the danger, that humanity is destroying its own physical world; or at least not as much as I believe that humanity is destroying its own moral world at a much faster rate. But that is a whole different discussion. As always, the Cusslers do attack the moral cancers of human greed at its highest levels, while ensuring that selfless acts of bravery always win the day. You have to like an author these days who never lets the bad guys prevail, and who always shows his super-human heroes shrugging off their victories as only slightly-marvelous. That is the Cussler duo, and that, certainly, is Dirk Pitt.

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4 Responses to Book Review: “Arctic Drift” by Clive Cussler (2008)

  1. Ralph Seher says:

    First book I read that didn’t involve totally Dirk/ Joe and others. Found it an interesting read, just because of the many stories at the same time. You say you are trying to collect all his books/ same as I am trying to do. And you say the Hardbacks also. brck4 @ I have a couple hard backs. Don’t think a trade is possible, because in trying to collect ALL I have a mixture. The only double I really have is zero hour. Any thoughts? And has some of his books. Do not know if you have one near Chicago, but, you would have to pick the book up at the store. Nice to meet another collector

    • Easiest place I’ve found for getting hardcovers (if you don’t mind used) is at
      I love that site and have been a member for several years. Especially after getting the scuttlebutt that another Cussler’s slated for release in a few months, I “wish” for the book on PBS, and I’m usually one of the first to get it!

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