Book Review: “The Last Days” by Joel C. Rosenberg (2003)

This second (of five) installment to Joel C. Rosenberg’s Last Jihad series slows the pace set in Book One, The Last Jihad, by focusing more on the political theories behind his fictitious plot than on the action that keeps it moving. “What type of power vacuum would exist were Palestine’s leadership killed in one single, tragic event?” Rosenberg answers this intriguing question in a powerfully moving and thought-provoking way in The Last Days, while also introducing his clearly biblical viewpoint regarding “the last days” of history as foretold by Old Testament prophets and Christ Jesus Himself. In fact, Rosenberg also shares the Gospel in this book, though not in a stilted or forced way as might be expected when compared to other modern, Christian-fiction works.

One surprising (albeit realistic) twist to this story is the out-of character response given by President James MacPherson to the crises facing Israel, as her enemies surround her and threaten to obliterate her very existence. This Christian President and mentor to protagonist and “special advisor to the President” Jonathan Bennett tends to shy away from his God-given duty to stand by his faithful ally Israel, even as the world converges to determine her survival on a simple United Nations vote. Could this happen? Will this happen? Might we Americans one day see some principled, moral, perhaps even Christian President weaken when forced to choose between the popular and the moral? We pray it would never be so, that our nation would never abandon Israel in her time of need, yet recent events and the current administration’s own cowardice and betrayal with regards to our relationship with Israel leaves little hope for trust in our leadership’s resolve when that fateful day comes. And be forewarned: it will come!

I highly recommend this thought-provoking series from one of my favorite authors.

©2015 E.T.

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