Book Review: “Done” by Cary Schmidt (2005)

“What Most Religions Don’t Tell You About the Bible”

done-cover-outlined-smallI got this short book from a friend of mine, the most committed tract-giver I know. Thus I was not terribly surprised to find that Done is nothing more than a carefully constructed, 100-page tract written for unbelievers. Schmidt takes the opportunity in this short book to deliver far more than simply an outline to salvation. Instead, he delves more deeply into the biblical doctrines behind such major points as every person’s spiritual need due to sin, God’s requirement regarding that sin, Jesus’ substitutionary death for that sin, His complete payment for the unbeliever’s sin, and the need on the unbeliever’s part for belief in Christ’s work. Schmidt fills the pages with Scriptural verification for these points, and keeps the conversation lively all along the way.

Some key points in the book that I enjoyed were the following:

  • Schmidt mentions that deep down, every human knows he’s more than a body. This innate knowledge (or at least opaque understanding) regarding spiritual reality leaves every single person “without excuse” before God (Romans 1:20) (5)
  • The writer also clarifies that all religions can be broken down into one of 2 groups: either the Do or the Done (11). God holds each of us to an impossible standard (perfection), it’s true, which is what makes the DONE so much better than the DO! (34)
  • Regarding one’s need to accept God’s gift of salvation, Schmidt writes that “On the side of the Giver, a true gift must be free and optional, and on the side of the receiver, a true gift must be believed and received.” (83)
  • Schmidt then concludes his book with a suggested prayer to those readers who are convinced of their need and of the Truth regarding Christ’s work on the cross.

While I enjoyed this little book, and while it clearly explains the doctrine of salvation, I’m not sure it will get as wide a readership as it deserves. Perhaps the subtitle is eye-catching enough to draw the unbelieving reader in, but also perhaps not. What I think Schmidt ought to have marketed instead was the concept of the DO and the DONE. Playing with this concept on the tract’s cover might have proven to be a tastier bait for some than the challenge against the teachings of the average religion. Nevertheless, Done teaches Truth, and in the end, that’s really all a person needs.

©2015 E.T.

[Note: You can find this book free for download here.]

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