Book Review: “Godless: The Church of Liberalism” by Ann Coulter (2006)

This was the first e-book I ever read, working my way through it on my 3-inch cell phone screen back in early 2008. I picked this book specifically, because the Presidential primaries were in full swing at the time, and I wanted to know all I could about the true distinctions between Conservative and Liberal thinking. I certainly knew what I believed, but I wanted to be able to back up those beliefs intelligently, not just have them because I inherited them from my parents.

Coulter covers many important aspects of Liberal thought, specifically how the media is saturated with the Liberal agenda and how the push for evolution on a governmental level is really an attack against the existence and therefore the authority of God. She delves into the debacle of our godless public education system and how another round of Liberal Presidents would push that beyond its limits. She attacks against abortion and feminism in a characteristically swarthy way, and while her arguments lose a bit of their strength via her mud-slinging and name-calling, she makes up for it with her documentation and smart writing. I’ve always enjoyed the sass Coulter shows in her interviews, so finding it print as well made this an entertaining read. She tells hard truths in a caustic way, and while it can grate on you after a while, it’s still fun. Honestly, the name-calling was funny (and well-deserved), but only because she’s rooting for my team (I feel differently, for example, about Al Franken’s Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot).

Occasionally, Coulter does goes too far with her sarcasm. When she makes the comment, for example, that Christians laugh at the idea of someone specific (I forget who) burning in Hell, she took all of her argumentative gains and tossed them out the window. No longer could anyone believe that we Christians have the morals and standards and faith that they claim, because God loves us and we, as made in His image, want to emulate that by loving others. Instead they’d only understand, “I’m part of the Christian club. You’re not, and therefore, you’re stupid. So ha, ha: burn in Hell.” It took me a while to get over that one.

Apart from that horrible point of sarcasm, I think Coulter hit the necessary political points right on the head. She’s certainly a strong conservative voice, and one that the Liberals should continue to fear (or hate)–if they ever have an opportunity to hear her, that is. While she tells it like it is, most people who actually need to hear the truth from her never will: she scares them all away before she delivers her points.

©2015 E.T.

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