Book Review: “Point Your Face at This” by Demetri Martin (2012)

“Drawings by Demetri Martin”

I really enjoyed watching several episodes of Important Things with Demetri Martin, especially with its unique approach to comedy which focuses on English words and images, not merely on everyday products or situations. On the show, Martin intermixes drawing, music, stand-up comedy, and sketch comedy to give his audience humor that is both clever and truly funny, and thankfully not often vulgar. I stopped watching the show when he did a sketch about Jesus, the one thing that turns me off to any comedian, no matter how otherwise enjoyable he might be. Why do they always have to go there?

Since I hadn’t seen his show in about 5 years, but saw that he had published this book of drawings, I really wanted a reminder of why I enjoyed that portion of his show so much. I wasn’t disappointed. These drawing and play-on-word writings were as clever and funny and anything I had seen on his show, and I actually was caught laughing out loud on several occasions—something that is very unlike me. One instance was his page about highlighting text when he doesn’t have a highlighter on hand. That one still makes me chuckle. I will note that there are a few prints in this book that are vulgar, so you wouldn’t want your kids thinking it’s a great book of cartoons or something.

Demetri Martin has already made himself out to be a smart comedian across all the ranges of media, but Point Your Face at This proves that this law-school kid could also have had a short career as a syndicated cartoonist. Well, for three months at least.

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