Book Review: “Pleasure and Profit in Bible Study” by D.L. Moody (1895)

This book came as comfort to me while I served in the Army, in part because it’s such a tiny book and I could carry it anywhere I went, along with my New Testament. Although I don’t recall enough details to give it a proper review, I do want to relate his “Eleven Helpful Questions for Bible Study” which I recorded and used often back then, especially as I worked my way through the Psalms. So, for the sake of your enrichment, the following are D.L. Moody’s recommendations in his own words:

  1. What person have I learned about, and what have I learned about them?

  2. What places have I read about, and what have I read about them? If the place is not mentioned, can I find out where it is? Do I know its position on the map?

  3. Does the passage refer to any particular time in the history of the Children of Israel? Or of some leading character?

  4. Can I tell from memory what I have just been reading?

  5. Are there any parallel passages or text that throw light on this passage?

  6. Have I read anything about God the Father? Or about Jesus Christ? Or about the Holy Spirit?

  7. What have I read about myself? About man’s sinful nature? About the spiritual new nature?

  8. Is there any duty for me to observe? Any example to follow? Any promise to lay hold of? Any exhortation for my guidance? Any prayer that I may echo?

  9. How is this Scripture for doctrine? For reproof? For correction? For instruction in righteousness?

  10. Does it contain the Gospel in type or in evidence?

  11. What is the key verse of the chapter or passage? Can I repeat it from memory?
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