Recurring Authors

This page lists those authors for whom I have written three or more book reviews. I find this occurs most often with fiction, for I rarely try out new fiction writers, meaning I try to read everything by someone I enjoy. This collection does not necessarily delineate my “favorite authors,” though most of them are certainly included.

Alcorn, Randy: Safely Home, We Shall See God, The Treasure Principle, Deadline

Bounds, E.M.The Necessity of Prayer, Power through Prayer, The Reality of Prayer

Bridges, Jerry: The Discipline of Grace, The Practice of Godliness, The Gospel for Real Life, The Chase, Respectable Sins, True Fellowship, The Pursuit of Holiness

Brown, Dan: Deception Point, The Lost Symbol, The DaVinci Code

Crichton, MichaelCongo, Airframe, Sphere, The Andromeda Strain

Cussler, Clive:
  * Dirk Pitt: 1) Pacific Vortex! 19) Treasure of Khan, 20) Arctic Drift, 23) Havana Storm
  * NUMA Files: 3) Fire Ice, 6) Polar Shift, 7) The Navigator, 8) Medusa, 9) Devil’s Gate10) The Storm  11) Zero Hour 12) Ghost Ship
  * Oregon Files: 1) Golden Buddha, 2) Sacred Stone, 3) Dark Watch, 6) Corsair, 9) Mirage, 10) Piranha
  * Isaac Bell: 1) The Chase, 2) The Wrecker, 3) The Spy 4) The Race 5) The Thief 6) The Striker
Fargo: 1) Spartan Gold 2) The Lost Empire 3) The Kingdom 4) The Tombs 5) The Mayan Secrets, 6) The Eye of Heaven

Grisham, John: The Rainmaker, The Street Lawyer, A Painted House, The Summons, The Broker, Skipping Christmas

Household, GeoffreyRogue Male, A Rough Shoot, Fellow Passenger

Jenkins, Jerry B.: Left Behind, Tribulation Force, Mark’s StoryThe Mark

Jenkins, PeterA Walk Across America, The Walk West, Across China, The Road Unseen

LaHaye, Tim: Left Behind, Tribulation Force, The Merciful God of ProphecyMark’s StoryThe Mark, Babylon Rising

Lucado, Max: Max on Life, The Gospel of John, He Chose the Nails

MacArthur, John: Hard to Believe, The Jesus You Can’t Ignore, Battle for the BeginningPastoral Ministry, Being a Dad Who Leads, One Perfect Life, Successful Christian Parenting, Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong, Safe in the Arms of God, God in the Manger

Maxwell, John C.Developing the Leaders Around You, The Choice is YoursToday Matters, Running with the Giants

Michener, James A.: Centennial, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Space

North, OliverMission Compromised, The Jericho Sanction, Assassins

O’Reilly, BillKilling Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, Killing Reagan, Legends and Lies: The Patriots

Peretti, Frank: The Oath, The Visitation, This Present Darkness

Piper, John: Desiring God, Jesus The Only Way to God, Don’t Waste Your Life

Rosenberg, Joel C.: Inside the Revolution, The Twelfth Imam, The Tehran InitiativeThe Last Jihad, The Last DaysThe Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll
Dead Heat, Damascus Countdown, The Auschwitz Escape

Schaeffer, Francis: The God Who Is There, Genesis in Space and Time, Art and the Bible, No Final Conflict, He Is There, And He Is Not Silent, Introduction to Francis Schaeffer, Basic Bible Studies, Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History, No Little People, True Spirituality

Sproul, R.C.: The Holiness of God, 5 Things Every Christian Needs to Grow, Sola Scriptura, The Lightlings, The Prince’s Poison Cup, The Priest with Dirty Clothes, The Dark Side of Islam

Spurgeon, C.H.: We Shall See God, All of Grace, Lectures to My Students

Steinbeck, John: The Pearl, America and Americans, The Moon is Down

Stetzer, Ed: Breaking the Missional Code, Planting Missional Churches, 11 Innovations in the Local Church

Theroux, PaulO-Zone, The Great Railway BazaarRiding the Iron Rooster

Tozer, A.W.And He Dwelt Among Us, Delighting in God, The Pursuit of God

Vonnegut, Kurt Jr.Player Piano, Breakfast of Champions, Mother Night

Van Gulik, Robert: The Chinese Maze Murders, The Chinese Gold Murders, The Haunted Monastery

Yancey, Philip: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, NIV Student Bible (Kindle), What’s So Amazing About Grace?, The Jesus I Never Knew

Zacharias, Ravi: Can Man Live Without God?, Deliver Us from Evil, Is Your Church Ready?, The Lotus and the Cross, Walking from East to West, Why Jesus?

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